Photo Policy

Our goal at 9 Inning Know It All is to promote baseball in our community, in our region, in our nation and globally. One of the ways we do this is through the photos we take. We try and take photos at every game we attend from little league to the MLB games we attend.

We do this because we know there are players, parents and fans who enjoy seeing them.

We offer these photos for everyone to look at and enjoy. If you are a player, parent, coach, team executive, or fan of a team and you would like to download some of the photos we post please feel free to do so. If you do use our photos we would like to ask you to support us. We don’t charge for photos so we ask everyone to please consider becoming one of our Patreon supporters. Whether you give $2 a month or $100 a month know that the money helps us continue in providing photos for players as well as helping us impact the lives of young athletes needing help to play the games of baseball and softball. You can go to our Patreon page to setup your monthly donations. 9 Inning Know It All Patreon Page

We also ask that if us our photos that you help promote our page by sharing our Facebook page or tagging us on Twitter with the photos you use.

If you use our photos in publications or promotions we do require that you give 9 Inning Know It All credit, but we do not copyright the photos at this time. We do not allow for the selling of our photos without our permission.

We do not post every photo that we take, mostly because we can take upwards of 700 photos a game. So if you are interested in getting more photos from a specific game, team or even an entire season please feel free to contact me

If you provide us with a jump drive we can load photos on it for you. We ask that you either become a monthly supporter on Patreon or you can do a one time fee. Below are some suggested amounts but please feel free to talk with us about pricing. We will gladly work with parents and teams to make sure things are affordable, and of course always accept more if individuals or teams wish to help support us.

Individual game $20

Tournament $50

Full Season $200

We load every picture we take onto jump drives so if an entire team wants to pitch in and get the photos to share that is perfectly fine. We just want to continue doing all that we do.



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