Baseball Talk with Guest Austin Barr

For a lot of baseball fans, we often forget that college athletes not only spend countless hours on the field but also countless hours in the classroom and studying. Finding a balance in how to spend their time is a part of the challenge to being successful as a college athlete. For Austin Barr, playing…



We hit a huge milestone today as we crossed over the 900,000 all-time views for the 9 Inning Know It All website. It has been an amazing experience to see the 9 Inning Empire grow like it has. Since the creation of the 9 Inning Know It All page in July of 2011 we have…


Baseball Heals

By Josh: In everyone’s lives there are times of pain, heartache, and sorrow. Situations arise that cause hurt that doesn’t just go away. Even with time emotional and mental scares can still linger. The hurt still remains in our minds. There are many ways that we has human beings heal. Time and communicating about our…


MLB Milestones May 2015

A few big time numbers were reached in May and none bigger than Alex Rodriguez passing Willie Mays in HR’s and Lou Gehrig in RBI’s. As controversial as A-Rod has been over the years, what he is doing is pretty amazing considering he didn’t play any ball last year and I am not a Yankees…


Best Of The NWAACC Tourney in Photos

Over Memorial Day weekend the NWAACC had it’s annual championship tournament. The top Community College baseball teams in the Northwest faced off to see who would be this years champion. In the end Lower Columbia College earned the honor of calling themselves champions but not before a ton of great baseball was played. There was…

NWAC LCC Championship Celebration 184

NWAACC Championship Interviews

Congratulations to the Lower Columbia College Red Devils in winning the NWAACC Championship. Their 11th championship in the schools history. Listen in to interviews with Tanner Olson (NWAACC Tournament MVP), Seaver Whalen (West Division MVP), Michael Forgione (Gold Glove 3rd Baseman), Eddie Smith (Head Coach of LCC).


Starting Them Young

By Josh: When my daughter was born she was destined to play softball. I know that there is the reality that she may not like softball. I understand that and I am okay with that. Okay let’s be honest I’ve already given her some nicknames for softball. Ripper (her initials are RPR) and RaeGun (her…

Kris Bryant

Six Weeks In

Guest Post written by Dennis Gronau The first month of Baseball means it’s April and spring time, which is a win-win situation. Crack of the bat, the snap of the ball hitting the catcher’s glove in the bullpen during warm-ups and most importantly the shouting words of the umpire to yell “Play Ball”. The 2015…