Who is Growing the Game Part 3 of 4


One thing I have realized over my years of being a fan of the game is that fans have the power to draw in new fans or to run others away from the game. 

Baseball is one of the most social games for fans.

I have met some amazing people at games and sitting in the stands telling stories with them is fun. I am not an extrovert and honestly am not a very social person. However, at a baseball game I feel comfortable and even enjoy talking with new people.

Baseball is a great sport to go and watch but when you are sitting all by yourself it can get a little boring. Having other fans around you cheering for your team, heckling the opposing team and just having a good time makes the game great.

I mentioned in the MLB players article that I love seeing players playing catch and interacting with fans. Another type of video I love to see is fans giving to other fans. I’ve seen a few videos of kids getting foul balls and celebrating but then seeing another kid who hasn’t gotten a ball and giving it to them. They didn’t have to, but as a fan of the game and being a good kid they shared the joy of a baseball. I love seeing adults catching balls, celebrating and then calling a kid over to give them a ball.

This summer at a college wood bat game, I saw a kid who had gotten a few foul balls hand his extras out to kids who weren’t as fast as he was. His parents didn’t tell him to do that. He kept a ball for himself and handed a few that he had ran and gotten to some younger kids. Then he and one of his friends went and played catch with the one he kept. A fan grew the game of baseball for other fans with a simple choice.