Norm’s Playoff Predictions

It’s playoff time!
Here are my picks for the 2017 postseason
NL Wildcard 
Diamondbacks over the Rockies
Rockies had a great season. But, it ends here
AL Wildcard 
Yankees over the Twins
Both teams surprised us by getting here
Diamondbacks over the Dodgers in 5
Diamondbacks took it to the Dodgers in the last two series they played. Dodgers are the only team in MLB history to win 16 of 17 and lose 16 of 17 in the same season.
Nationals over the Cubs in 5
This is a tough one. The Cubs can easily turn the table on this one
Nationals over the Diamondbacks in 6
Nats finally put it together and get to a World Series.
Indians over the Yankees in 5
Indians are the hottest team in the AL
Astros over the Red Sox in 5
Verlander, Verlander, Verlander
Astros over the Indians in 7
Didn’t Sports Illustrated pick the Astros to win the 2017 World Series a few years back?
World Series 
Astros over the Nationals in 7
Once again SI picked the Astros. So it must be in the cards.
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