Josh’s 9 Bold Predictions

By Josh:

I have to admit I love reading and writing this type of article. It’s fun and if by some miracle one of the predictions come true there is some amazing bragging rights.  Last year I didn’t go too far out there with my predictions but this year I think I may be reaching a bit on a few, but once again if they come true I’m a genius. (For some reason the numbering is messed up but it won’t let me fix it, but I promise there are 9)

  1. Mike Trout’s amazing run of being either 1st or 2nd in AL MVP voting will come to an end. Am I saying he is going to have a bad season…not a chance. In fact I predict that he will come in 3rd this year for the MVP voting.  Which is impressive because I have the Angels coming in last place in the AL West.

2. So if Mike Trout isn’t my MVP pick who is? So glad you asked because this is bold prediction number two. The AL MVP race will have two second basemen as the highest vote getters this season. Robinson Cano and Jose Altuve will dominate the AL MVP voting and Altuve will edge out Cano for the MVP.

  1. Okay so those two haven’t been that bold but this one is. James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners will receive a Cy Young vote this year. I’m not saying it will be a first place vote or even a second place vote, but he will have a solid enough season that at least one of the voters takes notice and puts Paxton on their ballot.

  2. The Royals won’t be able to keep up with the Indians and as a result they will trade at least three starters including Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain. They will listen to offers about Danny Duffy and Salvador Perez as well.

  3. In Mike’s Bold Predictions he thought the Red Sox would be a disappointment and I am going to not only agree with him but I am going to predict that the Red Sox miss out on the playoffs all together this season and the team that blocks them from the playoffs is the Yankees. The Yankees young studs come up big all season long and they will take the AL East.

6. Andrew McCutchen will have a better year than Bryce Harper. McCutchen will have more homeruns, a better average and have nearly twice the WAR that Harper has.

  1. Neither the Cubs nor the Indians will make it to the World Series this year, despite both of them making the playoffs. An NL West team will knock the Cubs out of the playoffs and an AL West team will knock the Indians out of the playoffs.

  2. At the end of the regular season there will be a tie for the one of the second place Wild Card spots requiring at least one, one game playoff to occur before the Wild Card game is played.

  3. The Mariners will make the playoffs and I will do whatever it takes to get at least one ticket to the game. Even if I have to call in ‘sick’ to work and not eat for a week to pay for the ticket.