Arizona Spring Training Stadium Reviews West Side of Phoenix

By Josh:

With Spring Training only a month away, THANK GOODNESS, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the stadiums in Arizona that are used for Spring Training. I haven’t been to all of the stadiums in Phoenix, and a few I’ve only seen during the Arizona Fall League, but I have seen enough to give a fair review.

spring training 4Peoria (Mariners/Padres)

I have not made it back to Peoria since they did their recent renovations so this one might be a little off for overall review. First off this is my favorite stadium for autographs. There is an amazing autograph area inside the stadium that a lot of players stop at since it is outside of the playing area, but still inside the stadium. Also the practice fields are easy to get to. Each team has a main field that allows the major league players to completely avoid the fans, but the second field that is used by the teams fans can get autographs from and I’ve gotten a lot of players from both the Mariners and Padres in that area. Additionally, there is really easy access to the minor leaguers.

The stadium itself isn’t the most up to date and fancy stadium in the area but it is well kept and there are no bad seats at any Spring Training fields. The outfield berm is great to relax on and catch a game. Games can get full but a normal day game isn’t over crowded.

Food isn’t too bad. Last time I was there were a lot of options beyond just the regular hamburgers and hotdogs.

Location is a big plus for this stadium as it is right next to a lot of restaurants including Kelly’s favorite In and Out. Motels are right in the area as well. So if you want to stay somewhere that limits your need to drive around this is a stadium to go to.

Overall I would rate Peoria a 7/10, but do remember I haven’t seen the new updates.

Camelback (Dodgers/White Sox)

This is a beautiful complex that set the standard when it was built. Autographing here isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great. Players from both teams have to walk right by the fans as they enter and leave the practice fields. Which is great unless you are on the Dodger side really. The Dodgers have TONS of fans there every day. Why not, the team is full of superstars and LA isn’t that far away. The White Sox side is pretty nice and honestly I have done great autographing at the White Sox practice field. The one downside is I don’t think there is access to the minor league practice areas, so don’t hope for prospects autographs.

Once again there are no bad seats at this stadium. Much of the seats are shaded depending on what time of day it is. This stadium, like most of the newer ones, has a bit more of a major league park feel, but still captures the Spring Training vibe.

Food is pretty much your standard ballpark food, but really you don’t go to Spring Training to be wowed by the food. You go for sunshine and baseball.

Location is the downfall for this stadium. There aren’t any motels or restaurants within walking distance. It is close to a few other stadiums so that is a positive.

Overall I rate this stadium a 6.5/10. Mainly because of its location and crowd size. Stadium itself is a 9/10.

Goodyear (Reds/Indians)

This is a hard one for me to review because I have only been to it once and didn’t like it and as a result haven’t been back. I have heard that there is access to the practice fields but once again I haven’t really gone back to find out so that is something that I can’t say for sure, or how good it is if there is access.  This stadium is really a weird feeling stadium because the stadium is down in the ground like a bowl.  And as for autographs, good luck with that. Players can come in from center field and avoid fans all together. Some players still go out and sign autographs but I wouldn’t say it is a great situation.

I don’t remember there being much in terms of food options beyond the normal ballpark choices. I don’t hold that against a stadium, and I could be wrong about here, but it seemed just like the normal options.

Location is a downfall similar to Camelback. Nothing really around the stadium meaning your going to have to drive to get anything. Plus if you are staying on the west side of Phoenix this stadium really feels like it is the farthest away from the others.

Overall I rate this stadium 5/10.

Surprise (Rangers/Royals)Spring Training at Surprise Stadium 2011

I keep trying to think of how I want to describe the Surprise stadium and the things that keep popping into my head are simple but satisfactory. There isn’t a lot of flash to the stadium but it is nice, with lots of seats that are shaded during games. There is great access to the practice fields. In fact last time I was in the Rangers practice area about 15 of the major league players just started walking around in the crowds with the fans signing autographs and talking, and from what I could tell by fan reactions that was normal.

You can also get to the minor league players and watch them practice and get autographs. Not a lot of fans go all the way to the minor league area and that worked out great for me last time as Joey Gallo was signing autographs and talking with fans.

Food is once again normal ball park food. Nothing to write home about, but once again when you go to a game getting a hamburger, hotdog or chicken strips is kind of what tastes the best anyways.

The stadium location isn’t too bad. Nothing is close enough that you can walk to the stadium really but it isn’t very far to shopping area with plenty of food options.

Overall I give this stadium a 7/10.

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