Memorial Day Recap

By Josh:

I love going to baseball games. That isn’t a shocker to anyone. Every game I go to is a time that I cherish and enjoy, but there are a few days each year that I enjoy going to games just a little bit more.

The 4th of July is a day that I love to attend games. One of the big reasons for this is because of the Salem Keizer Volcanoes and the amazing job they do on the 4th of July to honor veterans. Men and women of all ranks and service times are honored before during and after the game.

Memorial Day is another day that I truly love going to games and yesterday I had the chance to attend a Seattle Mariners game. The game itself was great. Mariners beat up on the Padres and I got to see Seager hit a homerun, which he seems to do every game I go to. However, what made this game truly special for me were the brave men and women that were honored before the game.

CjteS_9W0AAEKJ8.jpg largeBefore the game standing along the first base and third base lines were World War II veterans. Men and a women, who all were around the age of 90-92, and had served our nation when we needed them the most.

Some were in wheelchairs, while others walked and one even ran on their own power.  All of them deserving of the honor and applause that the stadium was giving them and yet I don’t think that any of them felt that they needed that applause to know that what they did was important.

Memorial Day isn’t about BBQs or baseball, it’s about remembering those who sacrificed for our freedoms and I am so thankful for so many brave men and women who have served and still serve to this day.

Thank you to all who have served. Thank you to all who are currently serving. And thank you to all the families of our soldiers for what you do and go through as well. I get to enjoy amazing moments like watching a baseball game with my wife and daughter because of what all of you have done.