Trade Mike Trout?

By Josh:

What the heck did I just see? Did I really just see someone asking whether or not the Angels should trade Mike Trout?  I seriously thought it was a joke but then I realized that this is a serious question being raised to baseball fans.


Just to be clear they are talking about the 24 year old player who has a Rookie of the Year award, an MVP award, 4 Silver Slugger awards,  3 time runner up to the MVP award, and oh by the way has a career .304 batting average and 146 HRs already.  Yeah, that Mike Trout.

I get that the Angels system is empty. I get that they probably won’t be a very good team over the next few years. I’m a Mariner fan who sat through horrible years while King Felix was one of the two most dominating pitcher for a few years. I get it.

If the Angels trade Mike Trout they will lose the trade no matter what. You can’t win a trade when you give up a player that is so talented and so unique that the name they compare him to the most is Mickey Mantle.

Angels'' Mike Trout makes a leaping catch to rob Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy of a home run.You know what will kill a fan base faster than having a losing team? Trading away one of the most special players to ever play the game.

Now if the Angels want to trade Trout to my Mariners I would be all for it. There isn’t a player in the Mariners system that I wouldn’t put in a trade for Trout. That is the problem for the Angels though. Every other team understands just how valuable Trout is and would take if in a heartbeat.

Do I think the Angels will trade Trout? No. Do I think they should? Oh heck no.

If it does happen though it will be the biggest block buster trade that I will ever see and will probably rank right up there with a little trade between Boston and New York involving a guy named Babe Ruth.