Beyond Left Field with Norm: Austin Yount

Austin Yount was the Dodgers 12th round draft pick in 2008. Austin played for Stanford and his father Larry pitched in the majors. Austin is the nephew of Brewers great Robin Yount.

Thanks for taking some time Austin.

yountxWhat are you up to these days?

I am now doing investment banking in San Francisco.  I work for a boutique technology investment bank that works specifically on M&A and capital raises.

You come from a baseball family, what was it like growing up?

Baseball was definitely a subject of conversation for the majority of our dinner conversations (especially after my sisters left for college).  My poor mom probably felt like she was in a locker room.  While baseball was a huge part of our lives, we were never pushed to play and often were encouraged to try other sports and activities.

While at Stanford you had the chance to play in the CWS in Omaha, what was that experience like? 

I can honestly say that it was probably the highlight of my short baseball career.  There is absolutely nothing like it.  It made all of the long hours and sacrifices worth it.  We had a great group of guys and the CWS will be something that we will always cherish.

You spent some time playing in the Cape Cod League and the Alaska Baseball League, What are some of the memories you have of each?

Both leagues have such great traditions.  They are unique in their own ways.  The team I was a part of in Alaska actually won the league that year which always makes things more fun.  We had a lot of great memories.  One of my close friends, Ike Davis and I went to “Bear Island” which was something you don’t see every day.  Since there is so much daylight there was also a lot of fly fishing at 3am after games which was a fun.

The experience in the Cape was quite a bit different, but memorable.  I had a great host family that I keep in touch with to this day.  There isn’t nearly as much travel so you end up with a lot more time on your hands.  The competition is also pretty impressive.  It was a humbling summer as I think I hit .150.  The fans get super into the games and the communities really do a great job promoting the league.  It makes it a blast to be a part of.

Austin, thanks for taking some time.