5 Good Questions With Norm: Dale Murphy (reposted for WBC week)

A couple months ago Norm did this interview with Dale Murphy but we wanted to re-post it not only because it was a great interview but also because we have been posting interviews this week with people connected with the World Baseball Classic. Dale Murphy is a coach for team USA.

Here is a part of the Dale Murphy interview but you can read the entire thing at 5 Good Questions With Norm: Dale Murphy.

Norm: I am with 7 time All-Star, 5 time Gold Glove winner, and 2 time NL MVP award winner Dale Murphy. I really appreciate you taking the time today. Growing up you were my favorite player. In the Twin Falls Idaho area the Atlanta Braves were the only thing that we could get on TV. Thank you for taking some time today this is quite an honor.

Dale MurphyMurphy: Thank you very much for having me on and I appreciate the support all the way from Twin Falls back in the TBS days. Thank you very much.

Norm: What you are up to these days?

Murphy: Well, I got a few things going on. I did a few radio and TV broadcasts for the Braves last year and I’ll do that again this summer. Another thing I look forward to [is that] I’m going to be one of the coaches for the World Baseball Classic team USA this March. So that will be a lot of fun.

Norm: Let’s talk about your career for a little bit. Who was the toughest pitcher you have ever faced?

Murphy: Well the toughest pitcher I ever faced, and pretty much everyone who played in the late 70s and the early 80s pretty much says the same thing, J.R. Richards with the Houston Astros. First of all he was about 6’8” Maybe even taller. [He] threw in the high 90s. Fastball, slider, and his control wasn’t the best so it always made things a little interesting.

Read the rest of the interview at 5 Good Questions With Norm: Dale Murphy.