Series recap of Mariners vs Dodgers

Safeco field is my favorite ballpark, hands down.

I always love going to professional baseball games but I enjoy it even more when I get to go to an entire series.  About 4 years ago I went to my first full series, which was an interleague matchup of the Mariners against the Florida Marlins, and really enjoyed that so I have tried to do that more often.  This last weekend was a great series to go to with my favorite team the Mariners hosting my second favorite team, the Dodgers.  Of course the No-hitter was an obvious part of what made the weekend great but there was  a lot more to it.

So as I mentioned in my previous post my daughters first ever baseball game was the no-hitter thrown by the Seattle Mariners on Friday June 8th.  Which all by itself was simply amazing but there are some really cool things that I discovered at Safeco field because of this.

The first thing is that you can check your stroller in at guest services and not have to worry about taking it with you everywhere.   Okay I know that isn’t huge but for families wanting to go to games it is helpful.

First ever game certificate. Notice the date, yup the no-hitter, notice the 4 autographs; Millwood, Furbush, League and Wilhelmsen

The second thing is that if you do take a child to their first ever game at Safeco you can get a certificate stating that it was their first game, who the Mariners played and who they came with.  Given the fact that my daughters certificate states that she came on the day that the no-hitter is pretty cool, but what makes it even better for me is that I’ve already gotten four of the six pitchers to sign that certificate.  So far I have gotten Kevin Millwood, Charlie Furbush, Brandon League, and Tom Wilhelmsen (I also got Furbush and Wilhelmsen on cards).  I am only missing Lucas Lutge and Steven Pryor.  Both of whom I believe will be in the game for a while and hopefully with the Mariners for a few more years.

So although I didn’t get a ton of autographs this weekend, in fact a lot fewer then I had predicted I did get some good ones beyond the four pitchers in the no-hitter.  My very first autograph of the weekend was Andre Ethier.  Wasn’t the first autograph of his that I’ve gotten but it didn’t make it any less awesome.  I missed Kemp and Kershaw when they signed but it was crazy around them and I’ve gotten them before, and I have no doubt I will get them again at spring training.

They are kind of weird looking but it is an Ichiro toy.

I was lucky to be one of the few people that got Chris Capuano’s auto because he signed for a few minutes during batting practice.  I also got Tony Gwynn Jr who was pretty cool, and Josh Lindblom.

I did just miss Nathan Eovaldi, who signed a card for my niece who was with me, but moved away from me.  Not a huge deal although I had a card I really wanted him to sign.

I also got three Ichiro bendy toys which i happen to be selling on eBay if anyone is interested in getting one. Ichiro eBay auction.

The trip was great and I can’t wait to do something similar again.