A Greater Impact

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By Josh:

If you have followed our Facebook page or the website for any amount of time you have probably read or heard us say we desire to promote baseball in our community, our region, our country and across the globe. From the Little Leagues to the Big Leagues we love baseball and want to see the sport grow. I can honestly say that in the 6 years I have been doing 9 Inning Know It All we have made at least some level of impact in promoting baseball, but we want to do so much more for the game and the players.

We are an independent content creator. We don’t get paid for what we do. The photos, the articles, the interviews, all of these things we do, we do because we love baseball, but it does cost us time and money to do these things. This does limit us in the things we can do. However, with help from our followers we can begin to make a greater impact. Together we can erase some of the limits that 9 Inning Know It All is facing and go far beyond what we have already accomplished.

If even a small percentage of our Facebook followers joined together and financially supported us each month we could make an impact in the lives of young athletes with scholarships to play in little leagues, sponsoring teams to help support the costs of leagues and even provide equipment for players.

Supporting us also would mean we could expand our reach. We would be able to not only continue to provide free photographs and videos for players and their families, we would be able to attend more games and share our media with more individuals. It would also allow us the ability to try new avenues of talking baseball.

If you own a business and want to get some easy advertising, while still helping support us, we have sponsor levels just for you. If you are just one of our followers but are willing to give us $2 a month, or even give up one coffee a month and donate $5 to us each month it can make a difference. If baseball fans unite together our voice and influence can be stronger than any of us as individuals would be.

If you are willing to become one of our supporters please go to our Patreon page and help us as we strive to move forward and make a greater impact in baseball. 9 Inning Know It All Patreon Page.

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