Congratulations to the LA Dodgers

By Norm:
It’s been a long time coming. We knew the Dodgers were close to becoming “that team”. We are close to having an old school Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series and I’m excited for it.
I remember being on the phone 29 years ago with my fellow football coach and friend Ken Kirkwood. Ken had called me to let me know that one of his sons had called Kirk Gibson’s homerun. Sure enough Gibson hit that historic homerun moments later. Ken, I hope you’re still with us to enjoy this moment tonight.
Kelly Byrnes sitting in a hotel room in Arizona, enjoy this moment. Also, PJ and Johnny McManus, Mark Cerda, Mark Hollenbeck, Terrence Morgan, and Mike Helm, after all the years of me poking at you and having fun at the Dodgers expense, congratulations your Dodgers are NL Champs. Your stay at the top will be short lived as my Giants will be back next season.
Congratulations Dodgers!