Josh’s Playoff Predictions

By Josh:

The regular season is done and I can honestly say this was a fun season for me as a fan. A lot of rookies had seasons for the history books.  Teams that weren’t even considered potential playoff contenders were in it until the end and one even plays tonight (Twins).  I am so excited to see how the playoffs play out this year, and here are my predictions and in some cases my hopes.

AL Wild Card

Yankees vs Twins

We all know that in a one game playoff anything can happen and because of this I really want to pick the Twins. They are my heart’s pick but my mind is saying the Yankees. The last few years I’ve gone with my heart and been wrong so I am picking the Yankees to win.

NL Wild Card

Diamondbacks vs Rockies

How the Rockies made the playoffs is a small miracle. Bud Black, from Longview, WA (my hometown), has done an amazing job but his team is facing a team that could make a run to the World Series. This is my favorite matchup of all the playoffs and I wish this was a 7 game series. It is not though and I have the Diamondbacks winning.


Astros vs Red Sox

Without Verlander I would have said the Red Sox take this series but with Verlander I have the Astros winning in 4. The Astros aren’t the favorite to win the AL but they are a huge threat.

Indians vs Yankees

No team in baseball is scarier to face then the Indians right now. They are tired of hearing about how close they were last year and they want to lift the trophy themselves. Indians sweep the Yankees.


Cubs vs Nationals

The Cubs have played much better the second half of the season, but it won’t matter against the Nationals. The National’s pitching will dominate and their offense will put up some runs. Nationals to sweep this series.

Dodgers vs Diamondbacks

The Dodgers have one of the most talented teams I have ever seen in my lifetime. All-stars are everywhere in their lineup, potential MVP candidates, Cy Young candidates and a solid bullpen. However, the Diamondbacks aren’t afraid of the Dodgers. This series goes 5 and I would bet atleast one game goes into extras. Dodgers to win in 5.


Indians vs Astros

This is an exciting matchup of very talented teams that could be playoff contenders for a number of years to come. The Astros will make this a challenge for the Indians but aren’t going to be able to stop the Indians from getting back to the World Series. Indians win in 6.


Dodgers vs Nationals

If Clayton Kershaw is ever going to pitch in a World Series this is the year he has to step it up and carry his team there. If the Dodgers don’t make the World Series this year they will go down as one of the best regular season teams that could never perform in the playoffs. Dodgers win in 6.

World Series

Indians vs Dodgers

This is the match up I really want to see. Both are amazing all around teams with talent in every position. The pitching matchups, the power numbers and the excitement that this matchup would showcase would be amazing. The Dodgers are a great team, but no one is stopping the Indians this year. Indians win in 7.