The September Playoff Picture

By Josh:

September is here and the playoff picture is starting to clear up for the division leaders. The Wild Card races are still a little crazy and giving baseball fans a fun and tight race for the final playoff spots.  Given what information we have today here are my thoughts and predictions for the playoffs.

AL Wild Card

I had a dream once that my Seattle Mariners would make the playoffs. That dream is dead to me, again. What isn’t dead is the Minnesota Twins chances of making the playoffs after an absolutely dreadful year last year.   I think both the Twins and Yankees end up taking the Wild Card spots but with the Twins earning the top spot and hosting a playoff game.

NL Wild Card

A few month ago the Rockies and Diamondbacks had the two Wild Cards locked up, but not so much at the moment. The Rockies keep slowly slipping closer and closer falling out of the playoffs. However, I think they will hold on and we will see three NL West teams make the playoffs this year.

AL Playoffs

Just a couple days ago I had written off the Astros and their chances to make it to the World Series, but with the last second deal to bring Justin Verlander to Houston I’m beginning to question their chances. They can score runs and if their pitching can really get on track they could make a run. With that being said I’m still giving the Cleveland Indians, who are red hot, the edge to make the World Series.

NL Playoffs

The Dodgers have lost 5 in a row and are still 10 games up on all of baseball. The Dodgers only concern right now is being healthy for the start of the playoffs and if they are healthy they will be the most dangerous team in all of baseball. If they aren’t healthy then as much as this pains me to say it, the Cubs are the team that I think would win the NL. I will admit last year’s World Series was a great series and having a rematch would not be a horrible thing, but the Dodgers are still my pick.