Almost Midseason Votes

By Josh:

The season is almost half way over and already we are seeing some interesting trends. Baseballs seem to be getting hit quite hard this year and homeruns feel like they are up from recent years.  Teams that were all but written off before the season now are amongst the best in the league, while teams everyone expected in the World Series may not even get a Wild Card. I honestly am enjoying this season a lot, minus that my Mariners have had most of their roster on the DL this season, but they are getting healthy. Wild Card here we come!

Here are my leaders in the awards categories and some of my thoughts.

Could Aaron Judge be the next great Yankee?

Rookie of the Year

In the history of baseball have two rookies ever won the homerun crowns in each league? I would doubt it but my current ROY picks are 1 and 2 for all of baseball in the homerun category. One is hitting bombs so far that batting practice is just as exciting as the game, while the other one has played in 14-18 less games so far this season then others in the top 10 for homeruns.

AL ROY – Aaron Judge NY Yankees

NL ROY – Cody Bellinger LA Dodgers

Mad Max looking for his 3rd Cy Young award.

Cy Young

My picks for this award was actually a little challenging. My AL pick is on the DL right now, but he still is my front runner and for the NL I am torn between two players who I see as being very equal at the moment. So being the decisive person I am I have the NL in a tie.

AL CY Young – Dallas Keuchel Houston Astros

NL CY Young – Max Scherzer Washington Nationals  / Clayton Kershaw LA Dodgers

Most Valuable Player

It is rare when a rookie is also worth voting for MVP but in the AL that is exactly what I’m doing right now and really with Mike Trout out at the moment I don’t see anyone else challenging for this award in the AL at the moment. The NL is a different story. There are some great seasons happening in the NL and a few are from players in the NL West. My choice today is so close that it could change from day to day.

AL MVP – Aaron Judge NY Yankees

NL MVP – Paul Goldschmidt Arizona

Manager of the Year

For the AL there are a few names that pop into my head for manager of the year but one stands out in my mind at this point. Let’s see how he does with an injured starting rotation. For the NL I’m not even hesitating on my pick here.

AL Manager of the Year – AJ Hinch

NL Manager of the Year – Bud Black