Coaches Please Coach Part 4 (A Thank You To Coaches)

By Josh:

Happy Father’s Day.

After reading my first two articles in this series I’ve realized I need to write a post just saying thank you to all of the great coaches out there. I also wanted to say thank you to the coach who worked with me the most, my dad, Stan Randolph.

Not all coaches are parents but they can become a parental figure in the life of a player. That happens when you spend countless hours at practice and games together. So I think saying thank you to coaches works well on Father’s day.

Teams tend to take on characteristics similar to that of their coaches. See what Kelly’s teams do.

Coaches all have different reasons for why they coach. Some do it because it is their job, others because they have a child on the team and some just coach because they enjoy it. Most coaches do it for a number of different reasons. Regardless of the reason, as long as a coach is there for their team then they deserve a thank you.

As I’ve mentioned in the other posts I get to see some great coaching staffs. Lower Columbia Community College has great staffs in both softball and baseball but they aren’t the only coaches that I have been impressed with. Everett Community College’s baseball coaching staff has been one that I have watched and interacted with and been impressed with how they are positive examples for their players. Mt. Hood CC, Edmonds CC, Tacoma CC, and Bellevue CC all have great coaching staffs in baseball that I have witnessed.

The entire West Coast League has some amazing coaching staffs. My hometown team, the Cowlitz Black Bears, are no exception to that as I’ve seen the passion each coach has for the players. Pushing to make them better and fighting for them every inning of every game.

Coaching isn’t easy. It can be hard at times to see players make simple mistakes, especially when you have worked on it numerous times. At times it can be frustrating. There are even moments when coaches lie awake at night asking why in the heck they do it.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

Coaching is also hugely rewarding. To see a child get their first hit, catch their first fly ball, or score for the first time is an amazing feeling. To watch a group of players unite as one team, as one family can bring hope to a coach. And of course to watch your team dogpile and to get a Gatorade shower can be one of the most joyful days of your life.

To everyone who coaches and reads this THANK YOU.