9 Inning Baseball Talk with Cameron Campbell

To be the best you can be at the game of baseball you need more than just skill. You need focus, desire and a drive to be you best. Cameron Campbell is one of those player that strives to get the very best out of himself.

Over the past few years at Lower Columbia Cameron has built himself into a offensive threat while moving from catcher to left field and then to first base. Whatever the team needed he did.


2 thoughts on “9 Inning Baseball Talk with Cameron Campbell

  1. Someone told me you have photos of the nwac tournament from this year. Is that true and where would I find them? My son played for CBC.

    • Yes I do have photos from the NWAC baseball tourney. If you go to the main page and scroll over the NWAC baseball championship tab a drop down of the games will pop up.

      We also offer to put all the photos from a team onto a jump drive for a fee.

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