Best Baseball Baby Gift Ever

By: Shawnee

For my husband’s (the 9inning Know It All) first Father’s day in 2012, I wanted to surprise him with a unique baseball gift, which also encompassed his new found dad-hood. So I did what any exhausted, sleep deprived, new mom would do – I scoured the internet for hours on end until I found the perfect gift.

I discovered a unique, one of a kind and sentimental gift my husband will cherish forever. Baby’s footprint on a pink-laced baseball with a customized name and birthday plaque! This gift set is provided by Ball-One Baby Gifts Inc.

From the Ball-One website:

“Ball One™ has teamed up with Rawlings® to create one of the most special ways to capture your child’s footprint. You will enjoy looking at your little all-star’s footprint on an official Rawlings® baseball, custom stitched in your choice of blue or pink thread.  Housed in our acrylic grandstand display case, with a custom engraved name plaque, people will be sure to notice this piece. It will be as unique as your child’s print.”

My husband was excited to receive his first Father’s Day gift. The baseball has been proudly displayed for the past five years in his man cave (and now on a shelf in the hallway, since he had to give up his man cave for baby number two!).

This is the perfect keepsake for a proud new mom or dad (or grandparent) to show off their excitement of a new baby and their love of baseball. If you’re looking for that special something for your baseball fan this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (which is right around the corner), check out Ball-One!  For those expecting, these gifts fit perfectly in your hospital bag, and when your child gets their footprints done have the nurse put a print on the ball.

Click here to go to the Ball-One Website to see what they have to offer!

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