Hope Springs Eternal

By Josh:

Spring Training games have only been going for a week now but already I am getting into the habit of checking scores, watching highlights and hoping that my team (Mariners) will finally break the playoff drought and make run for a World Series.

The Mariners aren’t the favorite to make the World Series this year, heck they aren’t even the favorite to win the AL West. Even though they aren’t the favorite I am still hopeful that they can make a solid run.

What are your team’s 2017 World Series odds?

We all know that the Chicago Cubs are the favorites to return and win the World Series this year. That isn’t a surprise as their team is going to be together a few more years and has probably the best core of top level players in all of baseball. The biggest fear for the Cubs, and most any team, is going to be injuries. If someone like Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant were to miss time it would be a serious blow to the team.

The Cleveland Indians are also heavy favorite to return to the World Series but they will have a solid Boston Red Sox team to content with. I personally lean towards the Indians over the Red Sox at the moment simply because they proved last year they could do it. However, I’m not sure that either team will be my pick to represent the American League this year.

I do think that there are a few teams that are just waiting to take off this year, much like the Indians did last year.  Although the Astros have had solid showings the past few years, I think this might be the year they really take off. If they do it will make for an extremely competitive and fun AL West race to watch with the Rangers and Mariners.  The Angels and A’s might have an impact on this race but won’t compete in the end.  It is sad that a talent like Mike Trout is not getting a chance to show off his skills in the playoffs. As a Mariner fan I can totally feel for him as I’ve watched Felix Hernandez have Cy Young worthy seasons and be on a team that loses more than it wins.

Overall I’m excited for the 2017 season. I don’t know what will happen but that is the great thing about baseball, it is truly unpredictable. Keep watch as I, Kelly and others from the 9 Inning Know It All empire put together our predictions for the season including overall team standings and award winners. Hint I may pick Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young….again.