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copy-cropped-9_inning_logo1.pngBy Josh:

As New Year’s hit, I was sound asleep in my bed, but once I woke up the next morning I starting asking myself if I wanted to try New Year’s resolutions this year. I normally do one or two, that usually fail miserably after the first week. This year though I started thinking about doing it a little differently. I thought about the idea of setting goals/making resolutions for 9 Inning Know It All and my baseball addiction.

Now first off my goals aren’t going to be to cut back on anything. That would just be silly. Instead I wanted to focus on accomplishing some of my hopes and dreams.

The first thing that came to my mind was attending over 50 games. Then I realized just how stupid this goal was for me because I have done this and much more each of the past four years. Heck my oldest daughter went to almost 75 games with me during the 2013 year. She turned one in April of 2013. She is kind of turning into a baseball addict like me and I’ll prove it with my second goal for this year.

Goal 1 – I want to photograph more of those special moments at a baseball game and at a field. I take hundreds of photos at most the college and summer league games I go to. I snap away but this year along with doing that I want to get those moments where a great play is being made or when something fun is happening with teammates. It is hard to describe but I think for those of you that are reading this you understand.

Goal 2 – Along with taking photographs I want to include my 4 (almost 5 year old daughter more) so that she continues to enjoy going to games with me. She got a new camera from Santa for Christmas and has been taking photos nonstop and is excited to take photos at games with me. Don’t be surprised if I post a lot of her photos.

Goal 3 – I want to use baseball to make an impact in the lives of children not only where I live but across the world. This might include getting gear donated for families that can’t afford it, getting tickets donated to kids for local teams, hosting clinics and just helping to promote baseball to the community.

Goal 4 – I want to develop a local fanfest event in my community. We used to have one every year that was put on by Bud Black and Rick Sweet, two baseball legends from my hometown of Longview, WA. They would bring in guys they played with and coached each year to run clinics and sign autographs. Now each year we have the Mariners Caravan come to town, which is fun but it lasts 2 hours and then they are gone. I really want to do more and I know this may not happen this year, because it takes time to organize, but I really want to do this.

Goal 5 – I want to enjoy going to every game. There are times I go to the ballpark and feel like it is just work and I can’t wait to get away. When you go to 75 games in a summer that happens once in a while, but this year I really want to enjoy every second I can. I want to enjoy the sun shine, the crack of the bat and most importantly the relationships that develop at the ballpark.

I know these goals are super amazing, but they are important to me. They keep me going in terms of my love for the game of baseball. I don’t know if any of you made New Year’s resolutions but if you didn’t I would encourage you to think about making some baseball ones. Oh and if you ever want to write about it, let us know, we love guest writers to the site. And if you want to help with any of my resolutions let me know as well.

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