Division Series Predictions Recap and New Predictions

2016postseasonBy Josh:

A lot of people ask me why I love baseball so much. The two National League Division Series were two of the best examples I’ve ever seen. The two American League Division Series were less of an example but there was still a lot of fun.


Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers

I had picked the Rangers to win this. The Rangers had the best record in the American League and I felt that the desire to really take revenge on being knocked out last year. However, all that happened was that the Blue Jays just took it to the Rangers.  My pick to win not only the series but the World Series got swept.

Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Sox

This was another series that I felt confident that the Red Sox and their offense would take this short series. The Red Sox offense failed to not only win this series but to even get a single win. I shouldn’t be surprised by this outcome. The Indians beat out the defending World Series champions during the regular season, and have been a team on the rise.

alcsALCS Predictions

Well since I didn’t choose either team to make it this far, I don’t have a preference as to who wins. Both teams have solid pitching and can scores runs but in different ways. I’m going to pick the Blue Jays for this series. The big bats of the Blue Jays are a serious threat and at some point one of my offensive picks has to come through.


Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giants

This series was flat out amazing. Big hits by players you wouldn’t have thought to be offensive heroes (like pitchers on both teams), late inning heroics, extra inning ball games, and tons of great plays.  To be perfectly honest this series is why I love baseball. It was fun, energetic and just amazing. I picked the Cubs to win but made it clear the Giants weren’t going to be an easy team to get by. This series went exactly as I thought it would.

Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

I picked the Dodgers to win but by a sweep. The sweep didn’t happen and a part of me is glad because this series was just as good as the Giants vs Cubs series.  One thing I did get right in this series was that I felt Clayton Kershaw needed to show that he could bring it in the playoffs and he did.


In my previous article I picked the Dodgers to beat the Cubs in this series and honestly I’m not as sure about that pick. I am going to stay with the Dodgers to win this series but the Cubs are not going to be a walk in the park. I would love this series to go 7. Both teams are well balanced and I would lean towards the winner of this series winning the World Series.