NLDS/ALDS Predictions

By: Kelly

nlds-2016NLDS: Los Angeles Dodgers (91-71) at Washington Nationals (95-67)

I didn’t even pick the Dodgers to make the playoffs this year and I’m the biggest Dodgers fan I know. Dodgers figured out how to win when Kershaw got hurt and that could help them big in this year’s playoffs. Nationals have no Strasburg, no Wilson Ramos and Daniel Murphy has barely played in the last two weeks. Kershaw, Hill and Maeda is probably the best rotation the Dodgers have had in the postseason in a long time. After all that I’m picking the Nationals. No reason why, just because.

NLDS: (San Francisco Giants 87-75) at Chicago Cubs (103-58)

The Cubs are destined to break their curse this year. We have all heard that before. You know the Giants will win at least one game because Bumgarner is pitching Game 3. The Cubs have Jake Arrieta starting in Game 3 which tells you how great their rotation has been this year. The Cubs offense is stacked and with Chapman at the back of the bullpen makes the Cubs very tough to beat but anything can happen in a short series. Especially when you’re playing the Giants in an even year. I think the Cubs will win but once again who knows with the Giants and their track record.

alds-2016ALDS: Boston Red Sox (93-69) at Cleveland Indians (94-67)

I would love to see the Indians win this series but not sure how they pull it off with Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar unable to pitch. I can’t count them out completely. They have home field advantage and have showed no quit even after they lost two of their best pitchers. The Red Sox have one of the best offenses in baseball and will look to put a hurting on the Indians banged up rotation. Red Sox rotation isn’t great either after Rick Porcello. I expect to see a lot of high scoring games in this series. Big question for Red Sox is if Price can figure out how to pitch in the playoffs. I give the edge to the Red Sox but anything can happen this year in Cleveland.

ALDS: (Toronto Blue Jays 89-73) at Texas Rangers (95-67)

I’m so fired up for this series along with every other baseball fan in America. A rematch of a wild ALDS from last year that the Blue Jays took and of course the punch heard around the world from earlier this season. The Rangers went 36-11 this year in 1 run games and that gives them a huge advantage, especially since they are the home team to start the series. Blue Jays lost Benoit last week and I’m not sure anyone knows where Osuna stands after being hurt in the Wild Card game. I believe the Rangers get the revenge they so badly want and send the Blue Jays home in a very intense and well played series.