Josh’s Playoff Predictions

2016postseasonThe playoffs are here and if the end of the season is an example of what we have coming this year, I am excited. Once again my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners, failed to make the playoffs but they were in it until game 161, so although I’m disappointed they didn’t make it, being in it until the end is better than normal for the M’s.

Enough with my favorite team, time to talk about who I think is going to win it all this year, starting with the Wild Card Games.

AL Wild Card

Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore Orioles

Wild Card games are so hard to pick because anything can happen in a one game playoff, which is what makes these games so great. I am going to go with the Blue Jays for one simple reason, I want to see them take on the Rangers in a playoff rematch of last year. It would be one of the most intense series in all of the playoffs if they match up again.

NL Wild Card

San Francisco Giants vs New York Mets

The Mets proved last year they can win in the playoffs, but the Giants are one of the best playoff teams in MLB history. It is an even year which means the Giants are able to pull out their special magic and make World Series runs. However, the magic ends this year and the Mets win the Wild Card.


Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Sox

The Indians have a good team this year, but the Red Sox have a team full of potential MVPs. I’m going with the Red Sox to win this series in 4 games.  The Red Sox offense is what will get them through this series.

Texas Rangers vs Toronto Blue Jays

Over/under benches clear 2.5 times. I’ll go with over, and I’ll take the Rangers in 5 games. I don’t know what makes this Rangers team special, but they are and they will be a force this October.


Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

You know who has stood in the Dodgers way each postseason? The St Louis Cardinals. You know who isn’t in the playoffs this year? Yup, the Cardinals. The Dodgers are going to come out with confidence and will get the only sweep of the first round, beating the Nationals in 3.

Kris BryantChicago Cubs vs New York Mets

Cubs ended with the best record in baseball. They have two starting pitchers worthy of the Cy Young this year and in case you don’t know they have a great core of young and old players who can hit the ball. The Mets are a scary team to face, but the Cubs are going to just be too much and will win the series in 4 games.


Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox

I truly hope this matchup happens because I think this would be an absolutely amazing series. There will be scoring, more scoring, and just for fun more scoring. This is honestly the matchup I am most conflicted with picking the winner. I said earlier I felt there was something special with the Rangers and I’m sticking to that and picking them to win the series in 7 games.


Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Having the best record in the regular season means you are a strong team, but it doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs. I truly believe this is a the year where Clayton Kershaw completely silences any and all talk of him not doing well in the postseason and is the spark plug that gets the Dodgers rolling. I pick the Dodgers to win in 6.

beltre-arrives-at-home-without-a-helmetWorld Series

Texas Rangers vs Los Angeles Dodgers

This is another series that would be a ton of fun to watch. I know I would be excited to watch it. I am going to go with my gut on this one and say the Rangers win the series in 7 (every World Series needs to go 7 games). For the MVP I pick Adrian Beltre. Now if the Dodgers win I would go with Corey Seager as MVP but once again I am picking the Rangers.