Norm’s thoughts on what happens to the Marlins now

mets-marlins-baseballJosh wrote a piece this morning on what the Marlins do next. Here’s what I think.

It’s simple, you don’t play the game to throw it in while your in the hunt for a playoff spot. I disagree with Josh on just throwing it in and go home. I didn’t know Jose Fernandez, but I can tell you the he wouldn’t want the Marlins to “mail in the season”. He would want them to fight for that wild card spot. They are 4.5 games out and it’s a stretch for them to get in. If the Marlins “mail it in” I believe it shows disrespect to Jose.

I think they honor Jose by going on a tear and end the season on a high note. I can only imagine the hurt that they are feeling. I shed a tear or two during the last few days. I think the Marlins can honor Fernandez by playing hard and not to “mail the season in”.