A Letter To Vin Scully

Dear Vin Scully,

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. You are the greatest. Your voice, your stories, your knowledge and love of the game is unmatched by anyone in the history of baseball.

I didn’t grow up a Dodgers fan, but yet I still loved listening to you. Never before had I heard someone know so much about every player, including the guy at the end of the bench on the visiting team.  You connected fans to the game and the players in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

All season long I’ve seen players, coaches and broadcasters from all around the league take time to simply sit and talk with you. Some were only for a few moments and yet you can see that on the face of every individual your joy for the game and life impacted them.

Honestly if I thought that a single fan like me could talk you out of retiring I would give it my all to try to get you to rethink your retirement. I know it wouldn’t work though.

You have been such a key piece of lifting baseball to where it is today and you deserve to walk away proud for all that you have done. Thousands of fans love the game of baseball because of you. Stories will be told from fathers to their sons about the voice they once heard on the radio. They will retell the stories you shared during games about their favorite players.

Your legacy is very simple in the game of baseball. You are the Greatest. You are the Babe Ruth of broadcasters and honestly to a fan like me you are bigger than Babe Ruth.

I hope you enjoy your retirement, but the game will never be the same without you.

From a grateful fan,

Josh Randolph