Who Is Ready For A September Run

By Josh:

Well we have officially made it to the point in the season where a majority of the teams in baseball now realize and can admit that they suck and won’t be playing in the playoffs this year. However, there are still a few pesky teams that still have a crazy notion that there is hope and even a chance that they can make the playoffs. So here are my thoughts on a few teams that can make runs in September to both either keep their spot in the playoffs or take someone elses spot away.

Mark TrumboBaltimore Orioles

Technically the Orioles are currently in the 2nd Wild Card spot and therefore in the playoffs, but I think this could be a team that makes a run and takes the AL East and gets more than a one game guaranty in the playoffs. The reason for this is simply because they can hit the ball really hard and really far.

Did you know that if someone hits a homerun they get to run around the bases for free and can’t get out and anyone on base gets to go with them? I know mind blowing information, but in Major League Baseball this can be huge for a team wanting to make a run. Balls can’t bounce the other teams way if you hit it out of the ballpark. On a personal side note nice job Mariners getting rid of the AL leading HR hitter in Mark Trumbo before the season started.

Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers

Hey guess what, the Dodgers are in first place without Clayton Kershaw. Oh and guess who is coming back soon all rested up and ready to go. Yeah I know one player, especially a pitcher, doesn’t just dramatically change everything.

Oh who am I kidding its Kershaw. Just the thought of him stepping on the mound makes hitters feel depressed. I thought the Giants would take the West but now I’m going to officially say the Dodgers are poised to run and hold onto the West.

St Louis Cardinals / Pittsburgh Pirates

I put these two teams together because with the Cubs already locking up the NL Central these two teams will focus on the Wild Card and I have this weird feeling that both might get hot and make things difficult for the San Francisco Giants Wild Card hopes. I’m not saying both make the playoffs but it wouldn’t be a huge shocker if they did. Giants fans I know you want to beat the Dodgers in the West but you might want to keep one eye focused on two Central teams.

Seattle Mariners

Okay I will admit I am putting the Mariners down less because I believe they will go on a run and more because I HOPE they will go on a run. Injuries really slowed this team down but things are looking up and if any team is known for their September run mojo, it is the Mariners. I don’t care if it is just the Wild Card, I will take it.

There is some reasoning behind choosing the Mariners here though. They have offense (Nelson Cruz, Kyle Seager, Robinson Cano), pitching (Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, James Paxton) and a desperate fan base. Did I say desperate, I meant passionate….no okay I meant desperate.