My Take On Tim Tebow Playing Baseball

Tim TebowBy Norm:

What’s the big deal with Tebow playing baseball? Everyone (including myself) has something to say about it.

So Tebow wants a shot at playing professional baseball. Let him have a shot. I think most people forget that Tebow is a freakishly good athlete. So he didn’t make it in the NFL. Maybe he could have made it in another position besides Quarterback.

Tebow is a likable guy. And one most people can pull for. Baseball is a tough game to play. Could he play pro baseball? I don’t know that answer. All I know is that quite a few people think he has a shot signing with a team. I’m tired of people bashing Tebow, he seems like a great guy.

Let’s sit back and watch how he does and let the “experts” deal with it. Personally, I hope he makes it with an organization and start working his way up to the Majors. After all, Tebow is most likely a better athlete then all who will read this post.

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