2016 Playoff Predictions (Josh)

By Josh:

I’ve been thinking quite a bit (probably too much) about who I was going to pick this season to make the playoffs, win MVPs, Cy Youngs and more. I have to admit this season’s picks came much harder to me than the past couple years and I think the reason is simply because pretty much every team has a chance to make the playoffs. There are of course a few teams that I have already ruled out but for the most part I had to consider every team for at least a little bit.

AL East – New York Yankees – This choice was not a fun one for me. I am not a Yankee fan but in the East I think they may come out on top. I know Toronto is an easy pick here but I just don’t see them getting back. They could. I just don’t think that is what will play out this season.

mlb-logos01AL Central – Kansas City Royals – When you make the World Series in back to back years and win the 2nd of those two trips it is really hard to pick against you in the third season, especially when you haven’t really lost anything from your team. The Twins and Indians aren’t going to lay down and give up the Central crown but like I said I just can’t pick against a proven winning team.

AL West – Houston Astros – This one was easily the closest race in my mind with the Rangers staying close and even the Mariners competing here. Angels and A’s didn’t get a ton of consideration from me but they will have an impact in who wins the West.

AL Wild Cards – Twins and Rangers – The Twins made big strides last season and I think they can make even more last year, while I see the Rangers continuing as a solid team and showing that last year wasn’t a weird fluke of a season.

NL East – New York Mets – in 2014 the Royals lost the World Series and came back wanting more and got it. I really think the Mets are going to come into this season hungry for the World Series title that was so close last season. Plus who is going to compete with them, Marlins, Phillies, Braves? Only the Nationals look like a threat in the East.

NL Central – Pittsburgh Pirates – This will be the BEST race in baseball this year. The Cardinals always play well, the Pirates are a strong team, and the Cubs aren’t going to make things easy. Honestly any of those three teams can win this division and like last year I think both Wild Cards come out of this division.

NL West – Los Angeles Dodgers – I know they lost Greinke, but honestly we all know they still have a great pitching staff, a solid offense and oh my gosh a manager who might not kill his team with his bullpen decisions (he still might as we haven’t seen him manage yet but there is hope). The Giants, DBacks and Padres might get hot and if any of these teams do they can take the West.

NL Wild Cards – Cubs and Cardinals – As I said above the Central is just a powerhouse division and I see a similar outcome to the 2015 season happening again.

Those are my picks for which teams I think will make the playoffs. Let me know what you think and hey if you want to write up a post let us know. We would love to share some of the thoughts from our readers as well.

2 thoughts on “2016 Playoff Predictions (Josh)

    • I didn’t do great on specific teams but as I reread the comments on each division I actually was pretty close on some of those. The Twins are really the only team I talked about that hasn’t been in the running at all. The rest of the teams at least were in the running or still are in the running for a playoff spot. I do have the Dodgers winning the NL West so I’m not blanked in my predictions at the moment.

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