IBWAA 2016 Hall of Fame Ballot – Josh’s


With the Hall of Fame about to announce this year’s class I wanted to put out my votes for the IBWAA Hall of Fame.

As Kelly mentioned in his post the IBWAA has already elected Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza and Tim Raines and that is why you don’t see their names listed on my ballot because I honestly would have voted for all three of those guys.

Players I voted for

  1. Ken Griffey Jr.

As I wrote in a previous article it isn’t whether or not he makes it but if it is unanimous. Griffey: Unanimous Vote?

  1. Edgar Martinez

I’m a Mariner fan and I can honestly say that he may have been the MVP of the team more often than Griffey. Edgar was the best right handed hitter of his generation and countless other players agree with that.

  1. Lee Smith

A dominate closer for over 10 years. I am a strong believer that if you are the top of your position for a decade that is a pretty solid case for the Hall of Fame. Also another reason why Edgar is on my ballot. Lee Smith for the Hall of Fame?

  1. Larry Walker

Walker keeps getting the ‘played at Coors field’ treatment. I get that but the truth is he was a great all-around player.  Larry Walker for the Hall?

  1. Billy Wagner

I have three closers on my ballot this year and honestly it is because I think these guys deserve respect for what they did.

  1. Barry Bonds

A lot of people will boo this decision, complain and argue it. I completely get it. I was against ever voting for PED users for a long time until I heard Bob Costas talk about the Hall of Fame a year or two ago. The Hall of Fame is about putting the best players into one location for future generations to look at. I will let fans decide their thoughts on these players on their own. I am voting for who I think were the best in the game. Steroids Era and the Hall of Fame

  1. Roger Clemens

Like Bonds this vote isn’t one I’m excited about but Clemens was the dominate right hander in baseball through the 80’s and 90’s.

  1. Trevor Hoffman

Held the all-time saves record until the Sandman surpassed him. When you are the second best in history for a record like that you should be in the Hall of Fame. You know who held the record before Hoffman? Lee Smith.

  1. Mark McGwire

Another PED user but for me this one is different because I remember HATING baseball after the strike. I didn’t go to a game at any level for a long time until McGwire started making a run at the single season home run record. Once again I know he used PEDs but honestly I’m not sure I would have come back to the game if not for that season.

  1. Alan Trammell

Trammell doesn’t have the greatest offensive numbers, but there is more to the game then offense. His defense made him an all-star and one of the most respected players in baseball.

Players I didn’t vote for

Mike Mussina – I’ve never felt impressed by Mussina. Even when he was playing I often felt he was on the lower end for aces in the game.

Curt Schilling – Like Mussina I never felt Schilling was a dominate ace. Great in the playoffs but I look at Andy Pettite as a more viable candidate then Schilling if you look at the playoff stats.

Sammy Sosa – I know I voted for McGwire but not Sosa. Honestly during that home run season I never rooted for Sosa. McGwire was the guy I followed and so with only so many votes available to me I had to pick the guys I wanted in.