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By Josh:

One of my favorite things about the Hot Stove is making my predictions as to where players will sign. I don’t have any insider knowledge, just a fan making fun and logical(usually) guesses. I take information from other sites, from twitter and anywhere I can find to help with my guesses.

I am going to do one think different then I have in the past. I am going to put where I think a person will sign and where I want them to sign. So there will be two teams for most players.

David Price Traded1. David Price – Giants / Dodgers – I know a lot of people think that Price will go to the Cubs or Dodgers but I think the Giants slip in here. A big part of this comes down to where Greinke signs because if the Dodgers don’t resign Greinke they will go all in for Price. I personally would love to see Price in a Dodger uniform because having Kershaw and Price together would be a crazy lefty combo.

2. Jason Heyward – Cardinals / Astros – The Cardinals are going to be a hard team to turn down. They are going to be a solid team year in and year out and playing for a world series contender does mean something. I personally would love to see Heyward in an Astros uniform just to see if the Astros can get over the hump and become a real World Series threat.

3. Zack Greinke – Dodgers / Dodgers – Los Angeles is a perfect place for Greinke. He isn’t the main focus with Kershaw on the team, but he isn’t disrespected at all either. The Dodgers can talk all they want about cutting payroll but Greinke doesn’t count for payroll. He is too dominate to just let go.

4. Justin Upton – Mets / Mariners – I think the Mets saw just how close they were to winning a ring and they fell short because they just couldn’t score enough. Upton will help keep the team competitive as I strongly think the Mets lose Cespedes. The Mariners have tried to get Upton a few times, maybe this year they can actually get him.

5. Chris Davis – Padres / Orioles – The Padres will try to make big splashes again this winter and Davis has a big name. I don’t think he would be a great pick up though. I don’t really have a care where he signs so I put the Orioles down simply because I don’t want him out west where he can hurt the Mariners with a homerun.

6. Yoenis Cespedes – Mariners / Mariners – Okay I put earlier that Upton would be a player I would like to see the Mariners go after but I think Cespedes is a player they go after hard. Mariners need hitting outfielders and Cespedes is exactly that. He could make a solid middle of the lineup even stronger for the Mariners.

Oct 27, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon (4) reacts after hitting a solo home run against the New York Mets in the 9th inning in game one of the 2015 World Series at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports7. Alex Gordon – Royals / Royals – I am sure that Gordon will get some good offers but I really think and feel that the Royals are the best fit for him and after winning the World Series I wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon feels the same way. Winning one ring is nice but the Royals have a chance to win more if they can keep the core together.

8. Ian Desmond – Mets / Padres – I actually would like to see Desmond in San Diego because he has the potential to be a solid contributor and plays up the middle which has been a weak spot for the Padres. However, the Mets have been talked about needing a short stop for a while and Desmond is an obvious choice.

I know I’m going to probably be wrong on most of these picks but who cares, it’s fun. Enjoy the Hot Stove.

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