The Hot Stove Begins

By Josh:

hotstovefireI love watching baseball games; eating the hamburgers, taking photos and just talking with other fans, but I like many other fans also love the offseason. For a few months we all as fans have the ability to dream about what our team could be.

With the World Series over the offseason is officially here and here are some of the top things I am watching for.

  1. The Starting Pitcher Pool

There are some top names going into this offseason at the starting pitcher position. David Price, Zack Greinke, Jordan Zimmerman and so much more. Like every year there will be the usual big buyers like the Dodgers, but I’m always interested in seeing who the slides in and gets a top free agent without anyone even knowing they were in the bidding.

  1. Which Big Hitters Do Teams Actually Want

Justin Upton, Chris Davis, and Ian Desmond are a few of the big names coming onto the market this year and the question is have poor seasons and past issues affected their overall value. Ian Desmond wants a huge contract but he underachieved this year in a big way.

  1. New GMs Making a Splash

Getting a new General Manager can excite a fan base if he starts taking steps to improving his team. Nothing can be more disheartening than getting a new GM and watching him sit on his hands and doing nothing. Teams that don’t make moves don’t get better.

  1. The Trading Block

You never know who is available for trade during the offseason. Which prospects will be on the move? A lot of trades and move during the offseason can show whether a team plans to contend this season or just live in the rebuilding phase.

  1. Everything

Like I said earlier I love the offseason. The Hot Stove is an opportunity for all of us fans to be arm chair General Managers. We can dream of signing every top free agent, trading a middle reliever for an all-star hitter, and hoisting the World Series trophy ourselves. There may not be any games going on for a few months but baseball is a year round sport in my eyes.