MLB Milestones June 2015

Alex Rodriguez had another big month in reaching a few new milestones. He got his 3,000 career hit which happened to be a home run. He also become only the 3rd player in MLB history to record 2,000 RBI’s joining Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Albert Pujols also reached a big milestone, passing a HR hitting legend.



Erick Aybar, Angels, 200 doubles

Brandon Moss, Indians, 100 HR’s

David Ortiz, Red Sox, 2,200 hits

Elvis Andrus, Rangers, 200 stolen bases

Stephen Drew, Yankees, 1,000 hits

Paul Goldschmidt, D-Backs, 100 HR’s

Albert Pujols, Angels, 537 HR’s, 16th all-time, passing Mickey Mantle

445 of Pujols's HR's came as a Cardinal.

445 of Pujols’s HR’s came as a Cardinal.

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 2,000 RBI’s

Andrew McCutchen, Pirates, 500 RBI’s

Pablo Sandoval, Red Sox, 1,000 hits

Carlos Beltran, Yankees, 1,400 RBI’s

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 3,000 hits

Chase Headley, Yankees, 100 HR’s

Adam Lind, Brewers, 1,000 hits

Prince Fielder, Rangers, 300 HR’s

Curtis Granderson, Mets, 250 HR’s

Shin-Soo Choo, Rangers, 500 RBI’s



CC Sabathia, Yankees, 2,500 K’s

Craig Kimbrel, Braves, 200 saves

Francisco Rodriguez, Brewers, 359 saves, 9th all time, passing Troy Percival

Edinson Volquez, Royals, 1,000 K’s

Max Scherzer, Nationals, 100 wins

Max ScherzerJeremy Guthrie, Royals, 1,000 K’s

Madison Bumgarner, Giants, 1,000 K’s