cropped-9_inning_logo1.pngWe hit a huge milestone today as we crossed over the 900,000 all-time views for the 9 Inning Know It All website. It has been an amazing experience to see the 9 Inning Empire grow like it has.

Since the creation of the 9 Inning Know It All page in July of 2011 we have been to more games than I can count, talked with dozens of players and coaches and had the opportunity to talk baseball with some amazing fans of the game.

Every year it seems like more and more teams and leagues are hearing about us and opening their doors for us to come and watch and cover their games. We hope to keep growing the 9 Inning Know It All Empire until this can become our jobs.

In the meantime we are just going to enjoy being around baseball as much as we are.

We do want to do a challenge to all of our fans. We want everyone to put in a guess as to when you think we will reach 1,000,000 views. The person closest to the correct date will get a prize package. What’s in the prize package? I honestly have no idea but I’m sure there will be some 9 Inning swag, probably some autographed cards and maybe even a few tickets to your local baseball team.

The guessing will be done on the 9 Inning Know It All Facebook page and we will update everyone as we go along. Here though is some information to help you with your guess. Over the past few months we have been averaging about a 1,000 views a day. Our all-time high for views in a single day is 11,080.

Once again go to our Facebook page and place your guess on the post asking the question of when you think we will reach 1,000,000 views.