MLB Milestones May 2015

A few big time numbers were reached in May and none bigger than Alex Rodriguez passing Willie Mays in HR’s and Lou Gehrig in RBI’s. As controversial as A-Rod has been over the years, what he is doing is pretty amazing considering he didn’t play any ball last year and I am not a Yankees fan or an A-Rod fan.



Evan Longoria, Rays, 1,000 hits

Kelly Johnson, Braves, 1,000 hitsA-Rod1

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 661 HR’s, 4th all time, passing Willie Mays

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 1,995 RBI’s, 4th all time, passing Lou Gehrig

Alexei Ramirez, White Sox, 100 HR’s

Omar Infante, Royals, 500 RBI’s

Asdrubal Cabrera, Rays, 1,000 hits

Nick Swisher, Indians, 300 doubles

Adrian Beltre, Rangers, 400 HR’s

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers, 400 HR’s

Russell Martin, Blue Jays, 200 doubles

Ian Kinsler, Tigers, 300 doubles

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers, 1,400 RBI’s

Adrian Beltre, Rangers, 1,400 RBI’s

Elvis Andrus, Rangers, 1,000 hits

Adrian Gonzalez, Dodgers, 1,000 RBI’s

Nelson Cruz, Mariners, 1,000 hits

Juan Uribe, Braves, 300 doubles




A.J. Burnett, Pirates, 2,400 K’s

Jonathan Papelbon, Phillies, 331 saves, 13th all time, passing John Wetteland

Felix Hernandez, Mariners, 2,000 K’s

Clayton Kershaw

Only 27 years old and already 100 wins, 1,500 K’s

Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers, 1,500 K’s

Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers, 100 wins

Jon Lester, Cubs, 1,500 K’s

Ricky Nolasco, Twins, 100 wins

Ian Kennedy, Padres, 1,000 K’s

Jon Danks, White Sox, 1,000 K’s