Christmas Idea List 2014

By Norm:

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would put together a Christmas gift idea list for the baseball fan.


Jerry Reuss has a new book out. “Bring in the Right-Hander” will be a great read for that baseball fan. If you buy it from Jerry he will sign it for you.

Dr. Rebecca Admire Herman has a great read out. “Lead Me Out to the Ballgame” is a great read on leadership. Check it out.

Timothy Bouvine brings Blake Benson alive in “Catching Lightning Without the Bottle” Blake Benson and his makeshift Chicago Cubs team due to a tragic accident, try to fight off the rival St. Louis Cardinals and clinch a pennant, all the while battling his own inner alcoholic demons.


Here are a couple of ideas for music. The musicians on my list are huge baseball fans.

reckless kellyLed by Willy Braun, Reckless Kelly is a great choice of music. If you go to Spring Training games in Arizona you can catch them at a game or two.

Just like his older Brother Willy, Micky (named after Micky Mantle) leads Micky and the Motorcars. Providing great Americana music, MMC put on a great show.

The Baseball Projects line-up is amazing. Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Linda Pittman, Peter Buck and Mike Mills of REM fill out the line-up card.


Tre Brown loves making bats. Zeus Bats will not disappoint. Custom made with TLC.

From Big Sky country, Cutthroat Bats create a bat for everyone. Contact Dustin Lind for your custom made bat.

Looking for a new glove? Rico Gloves provide a great product.

Other ideas

Clubhouse Chatter will be a sponsor for the HWY 30 Music Fest in Filer, Idaho June 26-27 2015. Check out their White Friday specials.

Of course there are many more ideas for the baseball fan. Such as, baseball cards, gear from their favorite team shop and tickets to a game.