Hot Stove Predictions from Kelly

By Kelly:

I’m beginning to think I enjoy the Hot Stove Season almost as much as I do the regular season so why not do some predictions. I pretty much stunk up my Pre-Season Predictions and Postseason Predictions so maybe third time is the charm.

Max Scherzer (Yankees): Scherezer gambled on himself last year when he turned down the Tigers last offer and it seemed to work out for him. Yankees like to make a splash and this would be a big one.

jon lester cubsJon Lester (Cubs): Seems like a foregone conclusion that Lester will end up back with Theo in Chicago.

James Shields (Red Sox): Boston needs a top of the line starter that will eat up innings since they traded away Lester and Lackey. Shields won’t get the money Scherzer and Lester will get. Shields also has the advantage of pitching in the AL East for 7 seasons.

Hanley Ramirez (Not the Dodgers): Maybe if he would move to 3rd the Dodgers would keep him. He can’t stay healthy and won’t get the money he thinks he deserves. Could end up with Yankees or Red Sox and maybe even the Mariners since he’s a righty.

pablo-sandoval-mlb-san-francisco-giants-los-angeles-dodgers-850x560Pablo Sandoval (Dodgers): He wants to stay with the Giants and the Giants want to keep him but money talks and the Dodgers need a 3rd baseman. I believe if the Dodgers give him a contract over $100 million he ends up in Dodger Blue. I know the Giants usually keep their homegrown stars but I don’t think they are able to keep this Panda.

Victor Martinez (Mariners): Mariners need a DH bad, real bad. I believe they go to 4 years on Victor and that reels him in. It also helps that Victor played for Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon for 3 years in Detroit.

Nelson Cruz (Orioles): The Orioles gambled on Cruz last offseason and it paid off for both parties. Cruz returns the favor and comes back to Baltimore, for the right price, of course.

Russell Martin (Dodgers): Makes a return back to Hollywood. Dodgers need a backstop and he’s the best one on the market. He could stay in Pittsburgh. I also hear the Blue Jays and Cubs are interested.

Surprise Trade:

The Rockies are shopping SS Troy Tulowitzki who happens to be a righty. The Mariners need a right handed bat and have an abundance of shortstops. So my suggestion would be this:

Mariners get: SS Troy Tulowitzki

Rockies get: either SS Brad Miller or SS Chris Taylor, either RHP Taijuan Walker or LHP James Paxton and 1 other minor league piece.

Will it happen? Probably not but it seems like the last few offseason there is at least 1 trade comes out of nowhere and this would fit the bill.