World Series Predictions from Trevor

imageFirst off, let’s get this out of the way….THE ROYALS?????? What? Come on! This is nuts! A team that everyone and their dog wrote off at the beginning of the year, now is coming off a sweep of the Orioles in the ALCS, and is headed to the World Series. What a crazy year for the city of Kansas City. I believe the number is 29 years since they’ve been this far in the playoffs. WOW!

​So last year I somehow managed to pick every series right in the playoffs last year. I kind of took this year off as far as predictions, but I am going to make my world series prediction here, right now!

I pick KC in 6 games!

Here’s why – Kansas City has a pretty young team and they’ve never quite experienced anything quite like the playoff push they’ve made this year. They have a lot of youngsters who don’t know any better and are just playing baseball instead of getting caught up in the moment. They haven’t had any time to get caught up in the fact that they are mopping the floor with teams in these playoffs. They beat a really good Baltimore Orioles team (who arguably should have taken the series).

imageBut KC fans, this is gonna be your year! I say KC in 6 mostly because the first two games are in KC. The only issue is – whoever wins Game 2 will win it all. I think that KC might get a little shell shocked tonight as they have the home opener of the World Series at their yard. But honestly, I think KC takes game 1 with Shields on the hill. Shields just eats up innings and is a workhorse. If he can keep it under 4 or 5 walks tonight, he’ll be solid. Mad Bum is a stud though, so KC will have to play some small ball (stolen bases, moving guys over) and hit with a solid approach tonight.

But overall, I’m calling KC in 6 games. If KC can win game 4 at SF, this series is in the bag for them. But seriously, watch game 2 – it’s a make or break kind of game!

The KC Royals are back in the World Series and they aren’t going to spoil the trip. Watch out for Lorenzo Cain to be the MVP of the series. I say he goes 15-24 from the plate with 3 or 4 homeruns.

Go KC!