Arizona Fall League Trip

By Josh:

One of baseball’s greatest secrets began once again the other day as the 2013 Arizona Fall League opened it’s season. Although many have heard of this league and knows that it exists very few actually attend the games.

Ariz._Fall_Lg.2007_017An attendance of 300 to 400 is pretty average for these games. Although these players are still just prospects it amazes me how small the attendance is at these games given the results of this league.

This league is known as one of the final steps before a lot of players make the jump to the Major League Level.

All across the playoff rosters there are dozens of players who played in the Arizona Fall League. The Dodgers roster alone has 13 Arizona Fall League alumni. I think this is part of the reason why I am so excited to be heading to Phoenix tomorrow.

I am also really excited to be able to watch some great baseball in warm weather. It is starting to get cold up here in Salem and a few days of 90 degree weather is going to feel great.

So here is what Kelly and I have planned for our quick trip to Arizona.

On Wednesday my dad, Kelly and myself will be flying out in the morning and beginning our trip. As soon as we get into Phoenix and get our car we will be making our way to our first game.

We know we will be getting to the game late but we will still get to watch some baseball and get some autographs after the game. We will follow up the first game by making our way straight to a second game.

In total we will be in Phoenix for 4 days and will get to watch 8 games. A game at 12:35 each day and a game at 6:35 each night.

Between Kelly and I we will be bringing over 700 cards of the players in the Arizona Fall League. Having never been to the Arizona Fall League before we aren’t sure how many we will get signed but from everything we have seen we think we might get a large number of them signed.

Stay tuned to over the course of the week as Kelly and I take photos, write a recap, do interviews with players and do a couple of radio shows.