Playoff Predictions: Trevor

Trevor Wild Card

Ok so first things first, let’s talk about the Rays vs. Rangers today… All I’m gonna say is “DAVID PRICE.”  Price is going to dominate today.  I’m gonna say the score is 6-3 Rays.  Price will deal but will probably give up a couple of homers due to the fact that they are playing in Texas.  But I think that the Rays have been here 3 of the last 4 years so they will take care of business today.  Look for Longoria and Myers to go yard at least once each!

Ok so in the Reds vs. Pirates series I see the Pirates taking it.  I think the Pirates have been riding an emotional wave all year and they have the momentum of an amazing season behind them.  I think the Pirates, with their young talent take the game. I think the Reds will have a hard time playing in Pitt. We will have to see how the Pirates pitching staff holds up against a good hitting Reds team. But I think Pitt wins it. I see Lirano pitching 7 strong and handing it to the bullpen.

Rays vs. Indians is gonna be a crazy game.  I honestly see this game going back and forth the whole way. I say the Rays wins. But I really think this game will get crazy.  I think the game will be lopsided, like 13-4 or 12-6.  Either way I think the game will get out of hand concerning the scoreboard. Rays win!

Division Series

The Dodgers vs. Braves series I see being the most exciting series maybe of all the playoffs.  Too bad it’s only gonna go 4 games.  I see the boys in Dodger Blue winning in 4 games. Even though the Dodgers are sort of inexperienced (sorry Kelly), they have a good team and will advance.  Though the Braves have had quite a crazy season.  And with emotions running high the last week or so, I think each game will be close. But Dodger nation moves on in 4. I pick Clayton Kershaw as MVP due to his pitching performance.  I think he’ll hit a homerun as well to help his cause.

Cardinals vs. Pirates is gonna be nutter butters! I see it being a hard fought battle the whole series. But I truly think that the Cardinals experience is going to win them this series. I would like to see the Pirates move forward, but I don’t think they’ll get through 6 games. I think Cards in 6. I see Allen Craig winning the MVP. He seems to be the guy who does everything right during the playoffs.  He’ll hit 4 home runs and win MVP. Red Birds advance.

Now we move to my least favorite match up of Red Sox vs. Rays. The Sox went 10-5 against the Rays this season. I love my Rays, but this is going to be a hard series to win.  I think that the Rays are a team that just hang around all season and make a good push at the end every year. But I see this series going two ways. Either the Rays win in 7, hard fought games. Or I see Boston winning it in 5. Sadly I think the Boston Faithful help the Sox win the series in 5. I see Ellsbury being the MVP with probably 15 stolen bases and way too many triples.

The hardest series for me to predict is the Tigers vs. Athletics one.  Gosh dang-it, I really want to see the A’s go on but it’s so hard when you’re facing Verlander and Scherzer who both are possible CY Young award winners every year.  Scherzer had one crazy season, so I think he continues his success.  I honestly don’t trust Verlander in the first game of the series. When he pitches in game 5 I think he’ll be fine. But the first game always feels tough for him.  When you have the best hitter alive right now, Miguel Cabrera, in your lineup, it’s hard to bet against you.  But the A’s have such a young talented team who can play ball! I say the Tigers win in 6 games.  I think Miguel Cabrera will hit 5 home runs and have probably 13 or 14 hits in 6 games.  Cabrera wins MVP and Tigers advance.

Championship Round

Dodgers vs. Cardinals I see the Cards winning in 6 games.  This series will be crae crae!! I think that the Dodgers have better pitching but again the experience of the Cardinals is too much to handle.  The Cards have such a talented and seasoned line up and they have the best catcher in the game behind the plate.  I see the Cards taking it. I think Puig will have a great series, cause he seems to love the lime-light and shines on the big stage.  But Puig will not be enough to carry the Dodgers to the World Series.  And even though I hate both of these teams, (yes Kelly, I hate the Dodgers) I really can’t see the Dodgers get past this round. I see Yadier Molina being MVP here.  Not just cause he’ll hit 3 homeruns and have 11 hits, but because he throws out 4 runners during the series as well.

Red Sox vs. Tigers I hate that I have to choose between the two.  But I really think this is the Sox year.  I think they make the World Series.  I think their speed and defense win them this series.  Even though they have to face the two best pitchers in the AL Central, they will ride the emotional tidle-wave that is “Red Sox Nation.” Call me crazy, but I can see Jarrod Saltalamacchia earning the MVP. I think he’ll hit 4 home runs with 11 RBI’s in this 7 game series.  I see the Red Sox winning in 7.  This will be a hard fought series, but Red Sox have a ton of weapons and they are on such a roll this year.  Red Sox move on back to the World Series.

World Series

Red Sox vs. Cardinals

I honestly think both of these teams are boring to watch. I’m not much of a fan of either of these teams, but I think the AL East wins the World Series this year. They will have home-field advantage due to the 3-0 win for the AL in the all-star game this year.  I think the Red Sox win it in 6.  I think Sox win the first two at home but Cards win two of three at home.  Red Sox win it at home in game 6.  World Series MVP is Pedroia.  He makes 2 or 3 game changing plays at 2nd and he will be a double-master, hitting 6 doubles in the series.  Sox have had too good of a year to not win the World Series.  I hate the Sox, I really do, but crap I respect that line-up. I hate it! But Red Sox get the Commissioner’s Trophy this year.  Sox in 6!

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