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By Josh:

You’ve heard us mention it on our radio shows and here on the blog our dream of expanding and beginning to have items like shirts and sweatshirts available for people to purchase. Well if you follow the 9 Inning Know It All Facebook page you know that we have done just that the past couple of weeks.

It is so amazing to know that there are so many fans out there that have already supported us by purchasing a t-shirt and/or a sweatshirt.  It has really been a boost for the entire team to know that so many people are enjoying everything that we are doing.

Our goal is to bring a side of baseball to fans that isn’t always seen on websites like ESPN, MLB, and other leading baseball sites.  We want to bring you stories and interviews that come from a fans perspective because that is what we are.

shirtsKnowing that there are so many people who follow us on Facebook, twitter and the blog by email, it blows me away.  We plan on doing even more in the future. Selling the shirts and sweatshirts is just away for us to help cover the costs of expanding into new areas and covering more stories.

So please if you are interested in supporting the 9 Inning Know It All in what we are doing buy a t-shirt, a sweatshirt of a few of each.

T-shirts are $12 for sizes S-XL and $13 for XX and bigger. We have both Men’s and Women’s cut shirts available. Blue and black colored shirts seem to be the favorites, because they look amazing, but we can get shirts in a variety of colors please feel free to ask.

The sweatshirts are $30 for sizes S-XL and $32 for XX and bigger. These are hoodies and black and dark gray are the favorite colored hoodies at the time, but once again ask about other colors.

If you would like to order any please send us a message on our Facebook page or email us at 9inningknowitall@gmail.com.

If you have already purchased a shirt or sweatshirt please take a photo of yourself wearing your 9 Inning apparel. We want to create a photo album on the Facebook page and keep track of where all our shirts are and what games they’ve attended.

I can’t wait for the day when I walk into a stadium and see a 9 Inning Know It All shirt being worn by someone I’ve never met before. Thank you everyone once again for your support.

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  1. Would like to add one XL and one XXXL Dark Grey Hoodie Sweatshirts to my T-Shirt Order. $30 +$32. Please let me know Tax and/or shipping.

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