The Radio Show Recap Sept 11th – 17th

Last Week’s Shows

9 inning crewThe Complete Game with the 9 Inning Crew

On this episode of The Complete Game the 9 Inning Crew begins to look forward to the playoffs, but with that comes some tough talk between Kelly and Norm. Things lighten up in an instant with special guest Bullpen Betty (@BullpenBetty) joins the show and talks New York Yankee Baseball.

Stormin with Norman

Are you curious what Norm is really thinking? Want to hear him as he goes wild on anything and everything? Well here is your chance. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility for Norm to talk about.

On this episode of Stormin with Norman, Norm welcomes special guest Mike Safford. They talk Northwest League baseball from the good to the bad. Also don’t miss at the end of the episode as Mike does an amazing Harry Caray impersonation.


Up Coming Shows

9_inning_logoThe Complete Game with the 9 Inning Crew

On tonight’s episode of The Complete Game the 9 Inning Crew recaps the minor league season and looks forward to the Arizona Fall League.  They will also begin to make their playoff predictions and talk about who their dark horse is for this year’s playoffs.

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