Sorting from A-Z part 2

As I continue the endless process of trying to organize all of my baseball cards into alphabetical order I’ve realized a few things.

First, I get distracted really easily.  On just about every card that I come across that I don’t remember seeing before, which is a majority of my cards, I have to stop look at the card. I check to see where that player has played and if he has done anything spectacular.

Second, I thought I was making good progress on my sorting until I realized that all of the cards I have sorted at this point, have to be sorted again to put them in alphabetical order. Currently I just have all of the players with last names that start with the same letter stacked together.

Third, I am eight boxes completed and about 25 more to go. I haven’t even completed a shelf yet and I had three and a half shelves of cards to sort.  I am quickly learning that each time I go upstairs to sort cards I need to have theme music like ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing to keep me motivated.

Okay here are my interesting notes from some of the letters I sorted through.

‘B’ makes everything better (until I realize it is only the beginning).

Baseball cards are the only sports I really care about collecting. I have some football and basketball but those are tossed in a corner somewhere and I have no plans to sort those.

Biggio is easily my favorite player from the 90s with the last name starting with B.  He was one of the Killer B’s, which is an amazing nickname for a group.

Baker is a common last name but when you earn the name Home Run Baker, you suddenly make a common name sound really cool. That is why if I had to choose a last name starting with B it would be Baker but everyone would have to call me Home Run Baker.

old-comiskey-park‘C’ is for the continued belief that I will finish this before I’m 50.

Comiskey Park is well known by baseball fans, but did you know that Charles Comiskey played major league baseball before became the owner of the White Sox and built Comiskey Park?

Caminiti is another player I enjoyed watching on the Houston Astros team. Dying at the age of 41 reminds fans of the realities that players push their bodies hard on the field and just as hard off the field with drugs for some.

‘D’ is for the dream that I had started this as a kid. Would have made this much easier.

Doerr is to this day one of my favorite autographs of all time. Even at 94 years of age I could tell that he loved the game and respected the game like few people today.

Dreading the possibility that I’m going to get all of my cards sorted and then accidently knock the piles over and have to start all over again.