Puig in the All-Star Game?

By Norm:

Jonathan Papelbon can shut the hell up. I have wavered on this question the past week or so. Should Yasiel Puig be an all-star? I say yes, and that’s a big HELL YES. Bottom line players like Harper, Machado, Trout, and Puig are good for the game of baseball. Why not? He’s performed like an all-star over the past month. In fact the Dodgers are out of last place in the NL West partially because of Puig. I found this today. It comes from The Chattanoogan www.Chattanoogan.com.

Yasiel Puig is good for the game. Baseball needs exciting young stars like Trout, Harper and Puig. It would be good for baseball to put him in the All Star Game.”

 —  McCallie baseball coach, Greg Payne

f8c78d3a-1acd-45fc-b13f-ac1995b02659_PUIG-maniaFormer Chattanooga Lookouts and current Los Angeles Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig has in many people’s minds, impressive all-start caliber stats.

But will the 22-year-old, Cuban-born rookie garner enough votes by week’s end to take the field on July 16.

Puig Stats through Monday night’s Dodger 6-1 win against Arizona – Batting Avg. (.409), Hits (54), HR (8), RBIs(19), Doubles (8), Triples (1), Stolen Bases (5)

A few area baseball coaches along with Lookouts announcer Jim Reynolds share their thoughts on Puig and the All-Star game.

Questions Asked:

*  Should Yasiel Puig be on the N.L. roster?

* If you were the manager and could select the starters, would you start Puig?

Gene Etter – Baylor School baseball coach

Puig on the N.L. roster? – Yes …

If he gets the proper number of votes, he should be on the team … Puig’s stats compared to ALL NATIONAL League players for the last 30 games is FIRST PLACE in batting average, slugging pct., and on-base average.  If this were well-known, it could make a difference in the number who feel Puig doesn’t deserve making the all-star team.

Would You Start Him? … No

I believe the position players getting the most votes have to make the starting team.

Jim Reynolds – Chattanooga Lookouts Radio Announcer

Puig on the N.L. Roster ? – No …

“While he has certainly supplied a shot of adrenaline for the Dodgers overall, as well as base hits and RBI’s, but he has only been with the team a little more than a month … you cannot discount  what he has done in a short period of time, but I’m not ready to put him on the All Star team just yet …  As one scout told me at AT& T field, ‘he is extremely talented, and extremely raw’.

Good Observation: “Obviously Puig has a very high ceiling … see me after 500 at-bats, and facing a pitcher for a 2nd or 3rd time, and then I will tell you if he should have been on the All Star team.”

Greg Dennis – Chattanooga State Baseball Coach

Puig on the N.L. Roster? –  Yes

No doubt I think he should be in the All Star game … The sport is always needing a boost and he has already been that and more … I say celebrate his arrival and hope he continues to be a great story this year.

Would You Start Him? – No

I think I would find a way to get him in ASAP to be honest …  It is guys like this that bring more fans to the game and I would capitalize on that …  Will be fun to see what happens.

Greg Payne, McCallie baseball coach

Puig on the N.L. Roster ? – Yes …

I think Puig should be in the game based on his performance since he’s been called up. It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t make the team out of spring training … Look at his spring numbers. He certainly should have been in the “Bigs” straight out of the gate.

He did everything to make the team and more. He didn’t make it because baseball is a business, not because he didn’t earn it. In regards to starting him

Would You Start Him? … I probably wouldn’t start him just because there is enough of a traditionalist in me to honor how the starters are chosen … I’d get him in there very quick. He’s good for the game. Baseball needs exciting young stars like Trout, Harper and Puig.


I loved going to games when I was a kid, getting a whole stack of ballots, and sitting there voting for my favorite players. I was, and still am, a huge Reds fan and I didn’t get to see the Reds on TV much. So, I loved getting to see them in the All Star Game.

Trey Hicks – Red Bank baseball coach

Puig on the N.L. Roster? … Yes

Do I think Puig is one of the best players in the NL? … No, but he is one of the hottest things going.

“As much as I think you need to pay your dues before being crowned the next great player, I think he should be on the All-Star team … he is the newest star … similar to Trout and Harper last year … Major League Baseball needs someone or some people to get their ratings up.

Would You Start Him? … No … I’m on the fence because sometimes you need to pay your dues. I wouldn’t start him in the game but he could be a big weapon later in the game … It’s all about promoting the game and he is the hot name floating around.

Brian Hitchcox – Ooltewah head baseball coach

Puig on the N.L. Roster? – Yes … To me, the MLB All-Star game is about promoting the best the game has to offer in order to generate interest, entertainment and excitement. Yasiel Puig does all of those things … … and I believe Puig’s power, defense and speed could help do that in a lot of different ways.

Would You Start Him? – No … I don’t believe he should be a starter … To me, being a starter in the All-Star game is more about popular vote due to achievement over a longer period of time. If, by this time next year, he is still a dominant player he will definitely be a starter.

I’m not sure if I would start him but I would give him a shot. Hell, why not put him in the homerun contest? Attendance is down in baseball. We need players like Puig to get us excited again. I’m not your typical Giants fan. I know people will question my “fandom” of the Giants and will say I’m a bandwagon fan. Maybe I am. I have spent the past five years helping out with different duties for the Giants and Volcanoes. It’s hard not to become a fan of the Giants. It’s a great organization and has great people working for them. I have to disagree with Giants fan not wanting to vote for Puig because he is a Dodger. I would rather see Puig in the game instead of Freddie Freeman of the Braves. Come on Freddie Freeman? That doesn’t excite me at all and I grew up a Braves fan. So here’s my vote (from a Giants fan) for Yasiel Puig. Hell, I hope he wins MVP.