Latest Leaders – March 2013

9_inning_logoLatest Leaders – March 2013.

It is always exciting to see the new rankings each month come out on the MLBlogs page and this month is no different.  Even though the 9 Inning Know It All blog fell three spots to #16 I am still excited and encouraged to be even on the list.  There are some amazing blogs all through out the list of 50 fan blogs and I enjoy reading many of them.

One reason why I’m excited despite dropping a few spots is because the blog had 10,000 more views in the month of March then we did in February. I know February had a few less days but that is still really good.  In fact the blog has jumped to over 150,000 views overall. It just seemed like a few days ago we were all excited and amazed at 100,000 views and now we are going to hit 200,000 and maybe even 250,000 views long before I even thought we would hit 100,000.

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