Josh’s 2013 MLB Predictions

Picking who I think will win each division is always a challenge because anything can happen over a full season. Pitchers end up having surgeries, batters get hit in the head with a pitch, and players slip in the shower and break their leg. Things happen and yet I still enjoy making predictions so here they are.

Can David Price lead the Rays to the Promised Land? Erase the '2008' and insert '2013' and you just might be looking at the World Series MVP this year.

Can David Price lead the Rays to the Promised Land? Erase the ‘2008’ and insert ‘2013’ and you just might be looking at the World Series MVP this year.

AL East

1) Rays

2) Blue Jays (Wild Card)

3) Orioles

4) Yankees

5) Red Sox

I would say that this league could have both Wild Cards but I think they are going to beat up on each other way too often for that to happen. I would even go as far as to say that the 2nd place team might barely make the second Wild Card because of how good all 5 teams in this league are.  The Yankees are old so I am going to say they fall this year but the O’s stay strong. The O’s could overtake the Blue Jays if the Jays don’t pull together as a team.

AL Central

1) Tigers

2) Royals (Wild Card)

3) White Sox

4) Indians

5) Twins

The Indians signed a number of guys this off season and yet it isn’t going to help them. The Tigers are the clear favorite for this division but watch out for the Royals, they could be this year’s surprise team.

AL West

1) Rangers

2) Mariners

3) A’s

4) Angels

5) Astros

Did I just pick the Mariners to not be in last place? In fact did I just pick them to be above the A’s and Angels? Why yes I did and here is why. The A’s overachieved in a big way last year and although I would not be surprised if they played strong this season I’m going to say they regress some.  As for the Angels I don’t see Hamilton playing a full season.  I love Trout but putting up last year’s numbers is going to be hard. I see the Angel’s as the team with a really high payroll that doesn’t make any noise this year.

NL East

1) Nationals

2) Braves (Wild Card)

3) Phillies

4) Mets

5) Marlins

The Marlins will be in last place and might even be worse than the Astros, but not by much. The Nationals are going to be good this year and beyond. Injuries will be the only thing that keeps this team from going all of the way to the World Series.

NL Central

1) Pirates

2) Cardinals (Wild Card)

3) Reds

4) Brewers

5) Cubs

Once the Pirates realize that they can win and do it on a regular basis they may just take off. I think they will lose in the NLDS but for that franchise that is like making the World Series. The Cardinals are always good and the Reds aren’t going to just give up the division either.

NL West

1) Dodgers

2) DBacks

3) Giants

4) Padres

5) Rockies

The Nationals may be the best team in the NL but the West is probably the toughest division.  The Central will be strong but with the exception of the Rockies each of the four teams in this division will be competitive and has a chance for a Wild Card.

World Series Picks

I’m going to pick the Tampa Bay Rays and the Washington Nationals.  This isn’t the match up I would really want to see but I think it just might be what happens.  David Price vs. Stephen Strasburg in Games 1, 4 and 7 would be really fun to watch though.