The Autograph Game 2012 Recap

Kelly’s Autograph Game Recap

March 067Last time I went to spring training in 2011 my brother in law Josh, who is the creator this this blog, and I came up with the Autograph Game just to make getting autographs a little more interesting. I could be wrong but I believe I might have had a few more points than Josh last year, I remember being close to 300 points.

Anyways this year I was lucky enough to make to a few spring training games in Florida when my family was visiting my dad. This year I attended 4 spring training games, 7 MLB games, 3 minor league games and even 1 college and a wood bat league game. I ended up scoring 132 points this year.

My best game was a spring training game on March 10, which I scored 25 points. My highest point player was the 1955 NL Rookie of the Year Bill Virdon as he got me 7 points. 1 for the auto, 1 for his Gold Glove and 5 for his ROY.

March 070Some of my other best graphs this year was getting 2011 MLB #1 Pick Cole Gerrit, superstar Andrew McCutchen,  Ubaldo Jimenez who was the starting pitcher for the 2010 All-Star game, Mike Zunino who the Mariners drafted with the 3rd pick in 2012 and of course Bill Buckner who could have been a Hall of Famer if it weren’t for one badly played ground ball.

My 2011 year was much better but can’t complain much when I get to see this many baseball games with my family.

Josh’s Autograph Game Recap

The 2012 season was not a bad year for me but like Kelly, my brother in law, the 2011 season was much stronger points wise simply because we went to spring training.  There were some standout autographs that I got.

As I mentioned in my Autograph Review Bobby Doerr was my big autograph of the year.  He got me 20 points thanks to his Hall of Fame membership and 9 All Star appearances.  Had there been Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards Doerr may have really brought home some points for me.

Andre Ethier and Bill Buckner were my other nice signings of the year for major league players.  Getting first round picks like Mike Zunino, Chris Stratton, Joey Gallo, and Hayden Simpson wasn’t too bad either.

Although I didn’t keep my overall score for the year I’m satisfied with how the year played out.  I made it to 3 MLB games, 3 Wood bat league games, 1 College game and around 35 minor league games.

2013 and 2014 I’m expecting great scores at the end of the year as I plan on going to the Arizona Fall league in 2013 and to Spring Training in 2014.

2013 Autograph Game Challenge

Starting January 1st I plan on keeping track of how many points I get for the entire year and I want to challenge all of the other autograph seekers to join me in a yearly competition.  There aren’t any prizes if you win other than bragging rights.  Here is the link to the rules to the Autograph Game which have been updated for the 2013 season.

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  1. I’m impressed! I am honestly too chicken to ask for autographs most of the time. I got Dan Haren’s once before the last game of 2010 because the players were just kickin’ it with no warm up drills and the stands were basically empty but that was the extent of my courage.
    — Kristen

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