2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Review

For over a hundred years baseball cards have been a collection piece for baseball fans and even today baseball cards can be found in stores in every city.  Recently I asked my brother-in-law to write a posts on the new Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects set.  Kelly has been a collector all his life and is a die hard Dodger fan.

2012 Bowman Draft Picks and ProspectsBy Kelly:

Recently I bought a hobby box; the new 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects for $60, which contains 24 packs with 7 cards per pack. Every year I look forward to these cards the most. The cards are all young players who just broke into the MLB or were just drafted in the last year or two. I really enjoy these packs as each pack contains 2 Bowman Chrome cards and Hobby boxes contain 1 autographed card.

One thing I like about this years’ cards is that the facsimile autos are missing from the bottom of the card. It’s much more fun to get the autograph yourself in person. However, one thing that has been missing from the last couple of years is the USA cards. I’m not sure why…

Mike Zunino and Bryce Harper Cards

Mike Zunino and Bryce Harper Cards

I pulled my autographed card in the first pack I opened. I also pulled 9 refractors, 6 serial numbered cards and 2 of those were refractors. I was lucky enough to pull 3 Bryce Harper Rookie Cards and 1 of those was a chrome.

My favorite card I pulled was a Mariners’ 1st Round pick Mike Zunino Refractor, which hopefully I will get autographed at Fan Fest. I enjoyed this box so much that I bought another one, which I am still waiting for.