Spring Training Is Here

Here in the Northwest the weather is still cold and rain is seen more often then the sun, but yet there is still hope that is arising.  The greatest sign that summer is just around the corner has finally got here, Spring Training has officially begun.  I know that many people can become depressed during the winter time because of the lack of sunshine, I however can feel depressed because of the lack of baseball.  Sure I can play my baseball games on the Wii and Xbox but it just isn’t the same as looking at a box score and seeing how my favorite players did.

As I see the pictures from the different Spring Training camps in Florida and Arizona I can’t help but wish that I was going this spring but alas I am going to have to watch from a far, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep everyone up to date on what is going on and different ways to help get their baseball fix.

With the start of baseball I have already started my check list of baseball related things that I want to do this year.  Hopefully by listing them here I can give others some ideas of their own and try and keep me accountable in living up to my baseball fanatic status.

1. Attend a three game series in Seattle. (My current plan is to attend the Los Angeles Dodgers vs the Seattle Mariners series that is occurring in early June.  It will be the first baseball games that my soon to be born baby girl will be attending.)

2. Attend a college game or two.  (Stanford comes to Oregon St. on May 4th, 5th, and 6th and since Stanford does have the top rated draft prospect in Mark Appel, I may just get an autograph or two.  Oh and Arizona St. comes to Oregon in late March for a series that I may just slip down to as well.)

3. Attend a high school game. (So once again I have motives beyond just watching a game as Carson Kelly comes to play at North Salem, just a mile from my house.  Kelly is a top 35 draft prospect this year and has played for the under 18 Team USA for a while.)

4. Play some serious fantasy baseball.  Last year I only won 1 of my leagues but this year I’m hoping to increase my championship total to at least three.  So that may mean joining a few more leagues then I have in the past but truthfully I’m okay with that.

5. Watch the World Series.  Last year I didn’t get to see even one game of the World Series and this year I am not going to miss out like I did last year.  I may only see one game of the series but that is far better then seeing nothing at all.

No matter if you are a huge fan or just a casual observer, baseball is a sport that can be enjoyed for many reasons.  It is a sport entirely designed around the summer and how can you go wrong with something designed to get you outside, away from the TV, and just enjoying America’s pastime.